Festival Band Concert

Jeffrey Scott Doebler, Festival Band Director

With faculty guest artist
Kenneth Miller, organ

And student guest musicians
LSM Handbell Choir

1517 (2016) by William Repperger (b. 1945)
premiere performance

For the Victims of Sichuan (2008) by Michael Boo (b. 1955)
with the LSM Handbell Choir

The Free Lance March (1906) by John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) 

Suite Francaise (1944) by Darius Milhaud (1892-1974)
III. Ile de France
IV. Alsace-Lorraine
V. Provence 

20 de Julio (2010) by Hernan Olano (b. 1957)

Singing Sands Overture (1955) by Guy Forrest Foreman (1921-2017)

As Tears Fall on Dawn’s New Light (2013) by Richard Saucedo (b. 1957)

Pixar Movie Magic (arr. 2011) by arr. Michael Brown
The Glory Days from The Incredibles (2004)
The Spirit of Adventure from Up (2009)
Main Theme from Ratatouille (2007)
The Big Race from Cars (2006)
You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story (1995)

Psalm 46 (1971) by John Zdechlik (b. 1937)
Kenneth Miller, organ

Selected Program Notes

Our fanfare tonight, Fanfare: Between Athens and Jerusalem (2009), was composed by Michael Boo   (b. 1955) to honor the 150th anniversary of Valparaiso University. Here are Mr. Boo’s comments on the work: “Former Valparaiso University President Dr. O.P. Kretzmann spoke of the synthesis of faith and reason being at the core of the mission of Valparaiso University. This was represented through his comparison of the city of reason (Athens) and the city of faith (Jerusalem), and his belief that the university could be a place where the two cities existed simultaneously in the Christian intellectual tradition. Through embracing both ideals, truth is found in both reason and revelation.”

William Repperger is a retired music educator who served as band teacher at Lutheran High School South in St. Louis. I have had the honor of premiering four of his other band compositions: Credo, Christus Rex, Dundee, and Freiburg Cathedral. Mr. Repperger composed 1517 to honor the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Within the work, we hear several famous hymn tunes (A Mighty Fortress is Our God; The Church’s One Foundation; Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word; How Firm a Foundation; O God, Our Help in Ages Past; and the Alleluia from Jesus Christ is Risen Today), as well as the sound of hammering, imitating Martin Luther nailing his theses to the church door.

For the Victims of Sichuan
My good friend Michael Boo is an active composer from Chesterton, Indiana. He also serves as the staff writer for Drum Corps International. It has been my great honor to premiere more than 40 of Michael’s compositions and arrangements all over the world. I am the founder and conductor of a professional-level concert band called Windiana. Windiana has toured Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and nine times in China. Our 2008 China tour included performances in conjunction with the Olympics sailing regatta in Qingdao, as well as a visit to the Sichuan Province, which is home to the famous pandas. Shortly before our trip, a devastating earthquake hit the Sichuan Province, killing nearly 70,000 people. Michael Boo composed For the Victims of Sichuan in respect of the tragedy, and we opened each concert that year with the work. The LSM Band is playing the piece tonight to honor those killed in the recent Sichuan Province landslide. You’ll hear various nature sounds, as well as the handbell technique of “singing bells,” representing what Mr. Boo describes as “human wailing of grief.” You will also hear two Chinese melodies woven within original material. One is the Kangding Love Song from the Sichuan Province (heard mostly from bassoon, bass clarinet, and other low voices), and the other is the official Chinese Mourning Music (heard primarily in the bells and chimes).

The Free Lance March
In addition to over 130 marches, Mr. Sousa composed many other types of music, including a number of popular operettas. Several of his marches were extracted from the operettas, including The Free Lance. The story of the operetta reads like a soap opera, with the bankrupt kingdoms of Braggadocia and Graftiana trying to steal from each other. The action includes disguises, romance, trickery, princes, princesses, a goatherd, a bandit chief, a Sampson-like leader whose hair is shorn, a sorceress, a ransom, a truce…and they all live happily ever after.

Suite Francaise
Darius Milhaud was an important composer of the twentieth century, and was especially well-known as one of a group of French composers known as “Les Six.” Suite Francaise was commissioned by Leeds Music Company, and was one of the early masterworks for the concert band. Written just after World War II, each of the five movements represents a province in France where the Allied Forces fought to liberate the country. Mr. Milhaud wrote: “I used some folk tunes of these Provinces. I wanted [Americans] to hear the popular melodies of those parts of France where their fathers and brothers fought to defeat the German invaders.”

20 de Julio
Hernan Olano is a composer based in Bogota, Columbia. The Twentieth of July is the independence day of Colombia. 20 de Julio was composed for Colombia’s bicentennial in 2010. It is in the form of the Colombian dance, the pasillo fiastero, which is described by Mr. Olano as a “joyful Andean rhythm from the early nineteenth century, born in Colombia to celebrate independence and today very popular in the Andean region and Central America.”

Singing Sands Overture
Northwest Indiana and the profession of music education lost an icon with the recent passing of Dr. Guy Foreman. Maestro Foreman spent most of his career as a band teacher in LaPorte, and conducted the Michigan City Municipal Band for an astounding 60 years! Dr. Foreman wrote that Singing Sands Overture was “named for the famous singing sands to be found on the beaches of the Indiana Dunes at the foot of Lake Michigan. The term singing sands comes from the musical murmuring of the countless grains of sand as they are continuously being shifted about by the lake breeze.”

As Tears Fall on Dawn’s New Light
Richard Saucedo recently retired from Carmel (IN) High School, where he had a remarkable career as a music educator. Mr. Saucedo remains one of the most popular guest conductors and composers for bands. As Tears Fall on Dawn’s New Light is what I call a “sound piece” because it allows us to demonstrate the beautiful tone colors of the concert band. The work was commissioned for the Phil Campbell High School Band in Alabama, following a terrible tornado that destroyed the band room. Mr. Saucedo said that the final chord is “a ray of sunshine and hope for the future,” as the students and community rallied to maintain their exceptional program.

Pixar Movie Magic
The 2017 LSM Residence Life staff members, led by Dean of Students Erika Tobin, are using Pixar movies as references for the counseling groups. In addition to being wonderful music—from composers Michael Giacchino and Randy Newman—performing this medley models the collaborative nature of Lutheran Summer Music, where faculty and staff work closely to provide an outstanding, integrated, and comprehensive experience for the students. 

Psalm 46
John Zdechlik is a retired music educator from Minnesota who studied at the University of Minnesota with Frank Bencriscutto. Dr. Zdechlik has written many important works for band. October 31st of this year marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Psalm 46 is the text source for Martin Luther’s “greatest hit hymn” A Might Fortress is Our God. In John Zdechlik’s composition, you’ll hear the hymn as a part of many variations. Psalm 46 was commissioned by Leon Titus and the band from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Harmonious World
Our Abendmusik, Harmonious World, is a new work by Michael Boo that demonstrates the beautiful sounds of the concert band. This composition will be a featured selection with a 500-piece massed band on September 17. The event will be held in the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, which is Chicago’s premier outdoor concert venue.

Event Date: 
Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 7:00pm
Event Type: 
Event Location: 
Chapel of the Resurrection